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Paper cabinet

Slim manuscript or standing set cabinet

Barent & Co. Augsburg


Single piece



They used to be found in all printing works and nowadays enjoy rarity value.

These cabinets were used to store manuscripts, papers for letterpress printing or standing type. The practical metal drawers are fitted into a beautiful wooden cabinet. They are removable and universally usable.

The numbering on the left side is practical.

The cover is made of zinc and gives the beautiful piece a sturdy working surface. 

Whether you want to store jewellery, glasses or drawings and papers – this universal piece of jewellery helps you to organise pragmatically.


We have taken photos of this to give you a concrete overview.

Don’t miss it!

Please ask us for the price for:

Paper cabinet / hand setting cabinet / manuscript cabinet – depending on use for drawings, sketches, papers, glasses, gems, documents stored in plano, etc.


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