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Print­ing Platen

Otto Hohner KG
Profes­sional hand platen

A hand pres­sure platen for profes­sional work. Due to the design, a very high pres­sure is gener­ated. This allows this fine machine to print volu­mi­nous papers, cartons, coast­ers, etc. cleanly and crisply. 

This of course saves you on a lot of test prints.

Very handy are the wooden trays, which are adjustable in both height and angle. Perfect for sort­ing the unprinted and printed material.

A must-have for the ambi­tious letter­press printer. 

Only remains to note that the ink rollers have been re-covered and this platen was not used very often. 


Convince your­self in the movie about the way it works with this good piece.

Profes­sional hand print­ing platen

Print­ing platen Otto Hohner KG

  • Type : DIN A4
  • »Otto Hohner AG« | machine no.: 413
  • Lock­ing frame inside dimen­sion : 23 x 32,5 cm
  • 2 newly covered ink rollers
  • 2 clos­ing frame / deter­gent container
  • .

  • Adjustable wooden paper feeder and tray
  • .

  • Cleaned, tested and printed on

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Detail images

Hohner Hand­druck-Tiegel in Aktion

A film often says more than 1000 words – here we have printed this gem for you. 

Don’t miss it out !

Please ask for another Letter­press Platen, this one is sold out.

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