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Printing Platen

Otto Hohner KG
Professional hand platen


A hand pressure platen for professional work. Due to the design, a very high pressure is generated. This allows this fine machine to print voluminous papers, cartons, coasters, etc. cleanly and crisply.

This of course saves you on a lot of test prints.

Very handy are the wooden trays, which are adjustable in both height and angle. Perfect for sorting the unprinted and printed material.

A must-have for the ambitious letterpress printer.

Only remains to note that the ink rollers have been re-covered and this platen was not used very often.


Convince yourself in the movie about the way it works with this good piece.




Professional hand printing platen

Printing platen Otto Hohner KG

  • Type: DIN A4
  • >>Otto Hohner AG<< | machine no.: 413
  • Locking frame inside dimension: 23 x 32,5 cm
  • 2 newly covered ink rollers
  • 2 closing frame / detergent container
  • .

  • Adjustable wooden paper feeder and tray
  • .

  • Cleaned, tested and printed on

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Detail images

Hohner Handdruck-Tiegel in Aktion


A film often says more than 1000 words – here we have printed this gem for you.


Don’t miss it out!

Please ask for another Letterpress Platen, this one is sold out.

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